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Vibrating screen is a device which is made up of screening surface which is vibrated mechanically at high speed and used for the screening of ore ,coal and other fine dry materials. Nishi Techno-sys supply vibrating screens up to 35000 Kgs./Hr. and it work on the principle of maximum linear movement with small vertical movement. The linear and vertical movement creates due to unbalance forces generated between two unbalance motors rotating in opposite direction.

Capacity of Vibrating Screens depends upon density of material , size and moisture content in the material. Nishi Techno-sys designs vibrating screens with 2 or 3 Decks as per customers requirement. First screen output is given to the second screen input. The second screen then grade and separate the required material. Nishi Techno-sys offers these vibrating screens with mesh wire and perforated material from 25mm to 2 mm.